Do you guys have parking?
Yes, there is street or bike parking any where that is legal.

Who's from New York?
Matt, Peter, Ron, Nick and Tom are from New York. Smity's from Pittsburgh. Everyone else is from different places. We love it when people come in asking who's from the Bronx. We can't wait to hear your story about what neighborhood you're from.

Is this really New York pizza?
Not going to respond to that. Taste it!

What size pizzas do you have?
One size- 18 inch thin crust. If ya can't eat the whole thing, we sell it by the slice.

How much are the slices?
All slices are 3.00 (tax included). 

What kind of calzones do you have?
They come with mozzarella, ricotta & parmesan cheese. You name a filling and we'll put it in for you. 50 cents each until we run outta room.

Do you make Sicilian?
Hell no! It is enough work keeping the place going without having to deal with the hellish process of making Sicilian pizza. No wonder those Sicilians are all nuts.

Do you guys serve beer?
We have root beer.

Do you accept debit or credit cards?
No. We take cash and business checks with proper identification. An ATM is available.

Do you deliver?
We'll deliver it to the counter for you.

Is that feta cheese on the pizza?
No. And it isn't goat cheese either. It's ricotta cheese. You see, this is not a Greek joint with Greek dancing, and our goat died after he ran into the middle of Washington Street to avoid getting milked.

Is that pizza fresh?
Do you really think we'd sell you pizza we made yesterday? We make so many pizzas in one day that there are times when we can't keep the slice case full. Sometimes we put a pie in there and as quick as an ambulance goes by, the whole pizza is gone.

Who's the boxing fan?
That's Matt, the thin guy with light brown hair and plenty of tattoos. He acquired them (the pictures & tattoos) over the years and was actually a fighter long ago.

Can I park over at the laundromat?
You can only park there for the 30 seconds it takes the tow truck driver to hook up your car. Seriously, AVOID THIS LOT AND THE LOT BEHIND THE SHOP!

How long will it take for my pizza?
It usually takes 10-20 minutes. We are very busy on certain nights and getting more crowded; although, we've managed to stay in that time frame for the most part. Best to call it in! Sometimes we have one in the oven before you order it. That's the "Psychic Friends Pizza" a 2-5 minute wait.

Our Location

111 Washington Street
San Diego CA 92103 (Map)

Our Hours

Monday . . . . . 5pm - 9pm
Tue, Wed, Thur, Sun. . . .11am - 9pm
Fri, Sat. . . .11am - 10pm

Closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day,
New Years Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, 4th July & Labor day